Monday, March 4, 2019

Best Tips and Tricks on How to Load a Moving Truck 2019

Loading your furniture and other packed items is probably the most daunting part of moving to a new home. There is nothing more backbreaking than hauling heavy boxes from your house into the truck, especially without the help of hired movers. This is why many people often consider the task ahead before jumping into DIY moving. While it is indeed a cheaper way to go, somehow it may only drag the whole process if performed without careful planning. Worse, you might expose yourself to serious injuries or accidents.

professional mover serviceIn order to make moving less stressful, you should learn the tricks for efficiently loading your rented moving truck. Here are some moving tips which the professional movers recommend for those who prefer to move out on their own:

# Ask help from your friends. Not because you have chosen to do away with hired movers, you should haul the furniture yourself. Of course, you may do it alone, but that will prove a little hassle to you and to the new owners just in case you are selling your home. You need to designate at least two people inside the truck to arrange the items, while you may do fine with one person to help you carry them there.

# Whenever possible, dismantle furniture such as beds, tables and chairs. This will make loading easier and also creates more space inside the truck. Wrap the parts in cloth and place them inside a box. Make sure that the screws and hardware are placed inside a sealable bag.

# Spread a tarp over the truck’s floor to protect the hauled items from dirt and scratches.

# Haul the largest and heaviest furniture first and push them to the farthest wall—preferably near the cab.   Use a dolly and a ramp for transferring appliances and cabinets. Distribute the weight of the items by placing heavy furniture on both sides of the truck.

# Stack all the boxes that have flat surfaces. Place the heavy ones on the bottom while the lighter boxes on top of them.

# Take out the drawers and shelves from cabinets before hauling them up. This will reduce the loading weight of the furniture. Put them back once inside the truck.

# Mattresses, sofas and other long furniture must be positioned on the side walls. Secure them with ropes or straps to prevent them from leaning onto the boxes located at the center. If you have at least two mattresses to move, it is ideal to place them on opposite sides to insulate other furniture from impact.

#  Place cushions and pillows between the gaps to keep the items snug and secured in place.

Fragile items must be loaded last and should be near the door. Make sure they have enough cushioning material to prevent breakage.
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